EG FastFind: EG1587 | MPN: 90MP00K1-B0UA00

Why you should buy me:

  • Size: 900mm x 440mm x 3mm.
  • Extra Large surface area for all gaming gears.
  • Durable anti-fray stitches.
  • Vibrant non-slip rubber base.
  • 90MP00K1-B0UA00

ROG Sheath is one of the largest gaming mouse pads in the world that is built to be the foundation of all your gaming gear, providing you with ultra-smooth, quiet mouse tracking and precise gaming experience. Anti-fray stitching on the edges coupled with non-slip blazing red rubberized base to ensure that you get nothing but the best. With Sheath gaming mouse pad, the stage is set for the ultimate battle, nothing is beyond your reach.


  • What is ROG Sheath: The extra-large ASUS ROG Sheath mouse pad is optimised for all gaming mouse types, with a smooth surface that perfectly ensures pixel-precise tracking for unmatched command and control. ROG Sheath is designed for your comfort and features a non-slip ROG-red rubber base that keeps it in place and stitched edges that resist fraying.
  • A Perfect Glide with Pinpoint Precision: ROG Sheath has an intricately-woven surface that's perfectly to ensure a smooth glide for your gaming mouse. Whatever your preferred gaming settings are — you're assured pixel-precise control. It's been subjected to a barrage of stress tests, including a mouse glide distance of more than 250 Km, and exposure to temperature extremes of -30 and 60 degree Celsius for 57 hours. Its 3 mm thickness also ensures a comfortable cushioned surface too. 
  • Go Big or Go Home: ROG Sheath is massive, measuring 900 x 440 x 3 mm, so there's more than enough room for all your gear including your laptop, keyboard, and mouse.  

EG Quick Tips

Knowing which Mouse Pad to choose will depend on what Mouse you have.  Here's a couple of points to consider:

Typically, Laser sensors are better with hard surfaces and Optical sensors are better with cloth.

Heavier mice will benefit more from a faster surface and lighter mice from a pad with more traction.

Surface Material Cloth
Base Material Non-slip Rubber
Size XL
Dimensions (WxDxH) 900mm x 440mm x 3mm
Warranty 1 Year
Extras -