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  • Size: 450mm x 350mm x 3mm.
  • Synthetic fibre surface - Smooth, low friction for optimal comfort.
  • Microscopic mesh - Enables precision control for both optical and laser sensor mice.
  • Stitched edging - Prevents fraying and stays durable through extended use.
  • SGS-4130-KLMM1

The SWIFT-RX gaming mousepad by Cooler Master is designed for gaming enthusiasts who desire comfort and speed. The finely textured microscopic mesh ensures excellent precision for any kind of mouse sensor to pinpoint your foes and increase accuracy. The non-slip rubber base means always staying in place, even in the heat of battle. Consider yourself a pro? Side fray or damage during extended use won’t occur thanks to the specially treated stitched edges which brings higher durability.


  • Low friction surface - The SWIFT-RX Large offers a smooth, 3mm thick low friction surface. This ensures intensive gaming sessions without getting distracted by wrist strains, whilst at the same time providing an excellent precision control, regardless of the type of game you play.
  • Stitched edges - The edges of the SWIFT-RX are stitched making it possible to have an ultra-durable, anti-fraying mousepad with an extended life time. The stitched edges still remain very flexible and easy to fold. This give the SWIFT-RX high portability making it the preferred choice for pro gamers who are always traveling towards their next big tournament to compete in.
  • Non-slip grip base - Whether your table is from wood, metal, plastic or glass, the SWIFT-RX got you covered. Thanks to its non-slip grip rubber base it sticks to any surface.

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Cloth is great for comfort and transporting to and from LANs. The main issue is they need replacing more frequently than hard surfaces, but this is still only around 6 months for the most heavily used.

Surface Material Cloth
Base Material Non-slip Rubber
Size L
Dimensions (WxDxH) 450mm x 350mm x 3mm
Warranty DOA (Dead on Arrival) - Replacement Only
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