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  • Hand Size: S/M
  • Weight: Ultralight 70g
  • Grip Style: Claw, Palm & Fingertip
  • Sensor: PMW 3389
  • XM1

The new kid on the block for gaming peripherals, Endgamegear has set the cat among the pigeons when it comes to their first XM1 Gaming Mouse (designed in Germany!): it has both a sleek and minimalist look while being packed with fantastic technology such as the cutting edge PMW3389 sensor from Pixart and its preselected, durable mechanical Omron switches. 

In order to keep the Endgamegear XM1 as light as possible, it limits itself to just the most important buttons and avoids any unnecessary RGB-LED lighting. The XM1, developed for use in tournaments, makes for the perfect gaming mouse for pro gamers needing maximum focus and precision over extended periods of time.


Lightning Fast Signal Processing & Cutting-Edge Sensor Tech: 

The high-end optical Pixart PMW3389 sensor tracks movement at speeds up to 1.143 centimetres per second (450 IPS) with unparalleled accuracy, enabling players to maintain control in even the most hectic of games. With a Lift-Off Distance of 2 mm, low-sensitivity gamers will still be able to recentre the mouse quickly and easily. Thanks to the patented analogue technology as well as the implementation of the ARM STM32 microcontroller, the internal signal processing latency of the switches remains at below one millisecond. This, when combined with the Omron 50M switches, makes for an unparalleled degree of responsiveness when it comes to switch actuation.


Premium Components for Professionals:

The lightning-fast Endgame Gear XM1 includes a total of five mouse buttons. The specially selected mechanical Omron 50M switches used in the XM1's two primary buttons are designed for extremely heavy usage up to a minimum of 50 million clicks. This affords the mouse superb durability along with unparalleled feedback on every click. On the left side of this right-handed mouse users will enjoy the use of two thumb-accessible buttons, and on the top of the mouse, in addition to the two main buttons, there is also the clickable and highly tactile (thanks to the rubberised texture) 2-way mouse wheel.


Lightweight Software & Status LEDs:

The level of high-precision gaming achieved by the Endgame Gear XM1 is only possible thanks to, amongst other things, its extensive customisability. The functional yet lightweight software draws takes ist cue from the minimalist philosophy that we see in its physical design of the mouse: it focuses on the essentials first and foremost, carefully ensuring that it does not have any untoward influence on the overall performance of the system. The software allows for four profiles to be stored within the mouse, and users can switch between these profiles by means of a button on the underside of the mouse. 


Ultra-Light Construction & Superb Build Quality

The surface of the mouse, which includes a special dry-grip coating offers a subtle texture that also helps to ensure gamers enjoy a firm grip - a significant advantage over the course of a long or intense competition where sweaty palms may become an issue. At the same time, the ergonomically optimised shape of the mouse prevents unnecessary stress or tension on the wrist, thereby ensuring maximum comfort even amidst the heat of competitive online FPS gaming. As such, the design of the mouse is suitable for gamers that utilise claw- as well as palm- and finger grip styles. The Endgame Gear XM1 brings with it an exceptionally low weight of just 70 g while the 1,8 m cable is also very flexible. Silent and low friction, the PTFE glides ensure incredibly smooth mouse movements, while also helping to prevent unnecessary fatigue from repeated quick movements.

EG Quick Tips

Know your grip style! This can be crucial when picking a mouse as mice are often designed to cater for a particular grip;

  • Claw grip often favours slim mice with elongated buttons.
  • Palm grip suits the larger mice with a wider body.
  • Tip grip works best with lighter and shorter mice.
Size Small/Medium
Connection USB
Wired/Wireless Wired
Sensor Type Optical
Sensor Model PixArt PMW-3389
CPI/DPI 16,000
Adjustable DPI Yes
No. of Buttons 5
Grip Style All
Shape Right-handed
Cable Length 1.8m
Cable Material Rubber
Dimensions (WxDxH) 122mm x 66mm x 38mm
Weight 70g
Warranty 2 Years
What's in the box XM1 Mouse

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