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  • Size: 900mm x 400mm x 3mm.
  • Optimized material to improve tracking performance.
  • Highest control at maximum speed.
  • Water repellent enhanced material compound.
  • MNX-04-25007-G

The surface is made of a extremely smooth coated cloth to allow user do exact and precise movements. Backside is made of a rubber-based material offering a combination of firm grip and great performance.

Alioth 400 is the ultimate mouse pad for players who likes to play with low sensitivity without loosing control over the movements.


  • Optimized material improves tracking performance: An upgraded microfiber matrix prevents data loss and improves the tracking performance for both optical and laser gaming sensors.
  • Highest control at maximum speed: A unique balance between the gliding of speed and the friction of a control surface provides an advanced mousing experience at remarkable precision.
  • Stitched edges for extended durability: Stitched edges assure an extended durability and provide a soft rim around the surface . The natural rubber base keeps your pad in place on any desk.
  • Water repellent surface: The gaming surface is water repellent which makes it easy to remove spilled liquid. It is also waterproof so don’t be shy: use water to keep it clean.
  • Transportable and versatile design: The soft and flexible fabric allows easy roll up for transportation. The generous padding offers comfort during long gaming sessions.

EG Quick Tips

We recommend measuring how much desk space you have before ordering your mouse pad to ensure it's the right fit. :)

Surface Material Cloth
Base Material Non-slip Rubber
Size XL
Dimensions (WxDxH) 900mm x 400mm x 3mm
Warranty 2 Years
Extras -

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