EG FastFind: EG1625 | MPN: RZ01-02170100-R3G1

Why you should buy me:

  • 350-hour continuous use on a pair of AA batteries
  • 7,200 DPI optical sensor
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • 2.4 GHz with Adaptive Frequency Technology
  • Ambidextrous ergonomic form factor
  • RZ01-02170100-R3G1

Optimized for both work and play, the Razer Atheris is packed with features such as industry-leading signal stability, dual-connectivity, and over 300 hours of continuous use*, all in a pocket-sized ergonomic body, focused on delivering performance and productivity.

*Battery life may vary based on connection type.


  • 350-Hour continuous use on a pair of AA batteries: When you’re constantly traveling for work, or busy with back-to-back meetings, you don’t want to worry about replacing batteries. Which is why the Razer Atheris is engineered to give you over 300 hours* of interruption-free use.
    *On Bluetooth connection
    *Battery life may vary based on connection type.
  • 7,200 DPI Optical Sensor: With a 7,200 DPI optical sensor, the Razer Atheris has one of the highest DPI for a mobile mouse. It gives you extreme accuracy and incredible control over spreadsheets or headshots. The extra resolution works perfectly for multiple monitors and even 4K screens and beyond.
  • 2.4 Ghz with adaptive frequency technology: Featuring Razer’s proprietary wireless technology, the Razer Atheris provides you with industry-leading transmission stability. So whether you’re in a café or the office where multiple wireless devices may interfere with the frequency, your mouse maintains a solid connection.
    *Optional 2.4 GHz dongle included

EG Quick Tips

The great DPI debate... is uber high DPI needed or not? At the end of the day, this is dependent on what your needs are.

We recommend going with a mouse with a decent DPI rate complete with a control switch feature, which allows you to change between preset DPI rates, giving you the best of both worlds!

Size Small
Connection USB
Wired/Wireless Wireless
Sensor Type Optical
Sensor Model PixArt PMW-3330
CPI/DPI 7,200
Adjustable DPI Yes
No. of Buttons 5
Grip Style Claw & Fingertip
Shape Ambidextrous
Cable Length -
Cable Material -
Dimensions (WxDxH) 100mm x 63mm x 34mm
Weight 66g
Warranty 2 Years
Extras On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment
What's in the box -Razer Atheris Mouse
-Wireless Dongle
-2x AA Batteries