EG FastFind: EG1803 | MPN: RZ19-02280100-R3M1

Why you should buy me:

  • Dynamic microphone made for professional streaming.
  • High-pass filter switch for ultra-clean recordings.
  • Digital/analog limiter to reduce distortion.
  • Zero-latency 3.5 mm headphone monitoring port.
  • Flat frequency response for accurate recordings.
  • RZ05-02450100-R3W1


  • Elevate Your Broadcast: Being a streamer means connecting with your audience through your own unique perspective. Whether you’re sharing game theories or dishing witty commentary, your voice is your ultimate tool in emoting excitement, frustration, and keeping viewers engaged. Now, take your audio to the next level with the Razer Seiren Elite and let your personality truly shine.
  • You're Never Sounded Better: The Razer Seiren Elite’s professional-grade single dynamic capsule ensures minimal electronic interference so your voice sounds richer, warmer and true to life during your broadcast.
  • Clean & Clear: Thanks to an inbuilt high-pass filter that cuts out unwanted low-frequency vibrations, like footsteps or the rumble of an air conditioner, only the cleanest recording signals are picked up.
  • Sound Steady All The Time: When the action heats up, it’s easy to get a little too enthusiastic with your shoutcalls. When that happens, a digital/analog limiter helps adjust your gains to prevent audio distortion and voice clipping, so you’ll always sound in control.
Audio Connection USB
Wired/Wireless Wired
Compatible with PC & Mac
Microphone • Sample rate: min 44.1kHz / max 48kHz
• Bit rate: 16bit
• Capsules: Single Dynamic Capsule
• Polar patterns: Cardioid
• Frequency response: 50Hz–20kHz
• Connectivity: USB only
• Max SPL: 120dB
Headphone Amp • Impedance: ≥ 16Ω
• Power output (RMS): 85mW (at 16Ω)
• Flat Frequency Response: Yes
• Zero-Latency Monitoring: Yes
Cable Length 3m
Cable Material -
Weight 1.59kg
Warranty 2 Years
Extras -
What's in the box • Razer Seiren Elite
• 3m USB Cable
• Desk Stand
• Microphone Windscreen
• Important Product Information Guide