EG FastFind: EG1761 / Manufacturer Code: XG-GP1-M / EAN: 7340086908375

Xtrfy GP1 Cloth Washable Mouse Pad β€” Medium


  • High-Performing Materials: The GP1 is a high-speed cloth mousepad trusted by professional gamers around the world. The advanced weaving structure of the surface provides great glide and super-precise tracking for both laser and optical mice. And the natural rubber base keeps the pad perfectly still during the most intense moments of gaming.
  • Smooth and Comfortable: The material composition not only enhances performance, it also makes the GP1 an exceptionally comfortable mousepad. If you want your swipes and flicks to feel smooth and soft, this is the pad to lay your hands on.
  • Size: The size of this mousepad is Medium, which makes it perfect for gamers using medium or high mouse sensitivity settings.
  • Washable: For convenience, all of Xtrfy’s GP1 and XTP1 mousepads are machine washable. 30 Β°C, no tumbling, no ironing – and your pad will look as good as new.

EG Quick Tips

Knowing which Mouse Pad to choose will depend on what Mouse you have. Here's a couple of points to consider:

Typically, Laser sensors are better with hard surfaces and Optical sensors are better with cloth.

Heavier mice will benefit more from a faster surface and lighter mice from a pad with more traction.

Surface Material Cloth
Base Material Non-slip Rubber
Size M
Dimensions (WxDxH) 320mm x 270mm x 2mm
Warranty 1 Year
Extras -