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Why you should buy me:

  • Increased durability with a glossy finish to the cover.
  • Top accuracy with perfect lift-off distance of 1.5mm.
  • Quick and easy plug and play with no drivers needed.
  • Fully adjustable DPI ranging from 400 to 3200.

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"Zowie are the kings of subtlety"

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" a fantastic gaming mouse whose strengths rest within the subtleties of its design"

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One of the favourites among many of the top CS:GO pro players, the EC1-A has stood the test of time.  Designed for right-handed gamers, the EC1-A gives bigger room for wrist movements.


  • Increased durability: Only available on the exclusive white mice, the glossy material ensures longer lasting covers.
  • Low lift-off distance: ZOWIE managed to achieve a low lift-off distance of 1.5mm after repeated testing and tweaking.  This is vital for serious gamers, as it prevents any uncontrolled spinning when the mouse is raised from the pad.
  • Fully adjustable DPI: There are 4 settings available which light up button three with different colours.  They are 400 (Red) / 800 (Purple) / 1600 (Blue) / 3200 (Green).
  • Adjustable USB report rate: Switch between 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz. Take a look at our EG Quick Tips for info on how to switch between the options.
  • Increased comfort: Ergonomically designed specifically for right-handed gamers.
  • Quick and easy: Plug and Play without any drivers or software required.

Approved by the Pros (CS:GO)






Renegades: jks

Rifler 1000 400 1.7

Imperial: tenzki

Rifler 1000 400 1.9

All data was obtained from  Check them out for comprehensive details on all the Pro players.

Details last updated on 21/06/18.

EG Quick Tips

To change the DPI setting, just press button 6 (located on the underside of the mouse) to cycle through the DPI options.

Also, adjusting the USB report rate can be done by pressing and holding the following buttons whilst plugging the mouse into the USB port of your computer:

  • 500Hz: Press and hold button 5.
  • 1000Hz: Press and hold button 4.
  • 125Hz: Press and hold button 4 + 5.

ZOWIE EC1-A Button Layout

Size Large
Connection USB
Wired/Wireless Wired
Sensor Type Optical
Sensor Model Avago ADNS-3310
CPI/DPI 3,200
Adjustable DPI Yes
No. of Buttons 5
Grip Style Palm
Shape Right-handed
Cable Length 2m
Cable Material Rubber
Dimensions (WxDxH) 128mm x 69mm x 43mm
Weight 97g
Warranty 2 Years
Extras -
What's in the box -EC1-A White Mouse
-Mouse feet
-Zowie sticker

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